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Cloggs puts best foot forward with website relaunch

By Retail Technology | Friday September 20 2013

International online footwear retailer works with e-commerce provider to rebuild website targeting the family market as part of company rebrand

Cloggs, leading international online retailer of branded footwear, has unveiled a new look website powered by e-commerce software provider Venda

The website relaunch coincides with the company’s wider rebrand, reflecting the business’s new direction, which will specifically cater to the family market segment.
Following its acquisition by JD Sports Fashion Group earlier this year, the new website will also help strengthen Cloggs’ own brand presence within the footwear industry. Moving away from its previous strategy of featuring a wide array and disparate number of products, the site will now feature a more focused number of high quality brands to be resold by Cloggs. 

Changing strategic direction

This shift in strategy is designed to allow Cloggs to reach the family market via targeting high earning females, aged 35 years or older, who are increasingly making purchasing decisions for the whole household.
The Venda partnership means Cloggs customers benefit from access to a mobile optimised site, while the Venda platform will also support Cloggs as it continues to expand both domestically and within international markets. Additionally, the flexibility of the platform will allow Cloggs to adopt additional tools in the future, such as interactive merchandising, order fulfilment, or multichannel solutions, in line with business needs and priorities.

True customer understanding 
Chris Thomas, managing director at Cloggs, said, “We’re keen to reflect our origins as a family-run business within our business model and establish ourselves as the one-stop shop for family footwear. At present there is a huge generic footwear market, with many companies simply chasing the most popular brand of the moment, without having a true understanding of what customers need or want."

He added: "Our rebrand signals a shift away from this approach, so we can focus on catering to a specific aspirational customer base. Given our long-standing relationship with Venda, our confidence in them from technical point of view, and the cost effectiveness of its solution, made them the natural choice to lead the rebuild of the website.”

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