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Overland Shoes expands retail management IT

By Retail Technology | Friday September 27 2013

Premium G-Star RAW footwear brand adds latest e-cubes functionality to boosts sales and customer loyalty in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Spain

Overland Shoes, which markets premium urban footwear of the brand G-Star RAW at outlet stores across Europe in Belgium, France, Holland and Spain, has purchased Eurostop’s e-cubes data mining module to identify best-sellers and introduce tailored promotions that boost sales and customer loyalty. 

The retailer's latest investment follows the company’s successful implementation of Eurostop's e-rmis and e-pos retail systems in 2011 when it first launched the G-Star RAW footwear outlet business in Europe. During that time Overland Shoes has created a single, integrated retail management solution that integrates with the organisation’s STYLEman wholesale distribution system to track and replenish stock quickly and ensure tight control of more than 400 styles and sizes across Europe.

Clothing and footwear heritage

Richard Thompson, merchandise manager of Overland Shoes, said, “We looked at a lot of retail systems but Eurostop’s proven and unrivalled expertise in the clothing and footwear market really clinched the deal. They came highly recommended and their easy-to-use technology offered the flexibility and superior functionality we needed to handle the language aspects of running a truly pan-European business. This winning combination inspired us with confidence, promising a quick return on investment.”
Overland Shoes originally installed the e-rmis head office management and e-pos retail systems to handle stock inventory and capture sales of the newly launched G-Star RAW footwear at two outlet stores in Holland and Germany. Since first deployment, the retailer has tightened up its stock control processes, expanding the original implementation to six major outlet stores in Belgium, France, Holland and Spain, with plans to support two more store openings next year.

One-stop shop retail software

One of the biggest benefits of using Eurostop is its ‘one-stop-shop’ approach enabling Overland to view, store and execute all stock control, inventory and replenishment information and activities from a single, integrated system. Users also cite visibility and transparency as additional advantages. 
The most recent purchase of e-cubes, Eurostop’s data mining module to interrogate and report on sales and customer data at all outlets, will help Overland better manage footwear preferences that often vary from country to country. 

Thompson added: “E-cubes gives us the hard data we need to make informed commercial decisions. We know which lines are selling well at different stores and can quickly move stock around to meet the style demands of different cultures. Extremely easy to use, we can quickly introduce carefully tailored promotions and special offers that help us boost sales and foster customer loyalty in a way that just wasn’t possible before Eurostop.”