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Whittard develops online personalisation

By Retail Technology | Tuesday October 29 2013

Personalised user experience seen as essential part of strategy to increase online revenue and conversion for international retailer, Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard of Chelsea, an international retailer of fine tea, coffee and luxurious hot chocolates, is using Peerius to develop an online personalisation model.

With a requirement to offer their customers a ‘best in class’ user experience to drive engagement and in turn increase sales and conversions, Whittard of Chelsea will use the Peerius personalisation software to serve relevant content and product suggestions in real time across the entire customer journey. 

Customer engagement toolset

The retailer’s investment includes full access to the Peerius personalisation suite serving product recommendations, personalised email campaigns and dynamically targeted website content. 

“Using the Peerius personalisation suite will enable us to tap into our users’ individual preferences and provide them with the best experience possible through relevant, engaging content,” said Lisa Evans, Web Development and Content Manager, Whittard of Chelsea. 

Rapid roll out and results

She added: “We’re pleased with how quickly we’ve been able to launch Peerius on the site and now we are looking to Peerius to help us to take our growth to the next level.”

Working to a close deadline to get ready for the Christmas rush, Whittard of Chelsea are now live with the first phase of their website personalisation project.

Evans concluded: “Implementing the Peerius personalisation suite into our existing platform was very easy to do and the Shop Manager tool is incredibly user friendly. We were impressed with the level of service we received from the Peerius team throughout the process who were always on hand to help.”

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