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By Retail Technology | Thursday December 12 2013

State-of-the-art technology designed to deliver a smarter snack experience helps healthier snacking online company expand to international markets, an online retailer of healthier snacks, today revealed details of the proprietary logistics systems underpinning its official US launch following a successful beta testing period. 

The company is also looking to expand its workforce with a number of technology roles to support its international growth. “We are delighted to be officially launching in the US and are passionate about helping people eat versatile, healthier, delicious snacks,” said Anthony Fletcher, chief executive officer of 

“We are expanding rapidly and hiring new employees daily including engineers, developers and what we call ‘snack hunters’. We believe our boxes are perfect for busy people facing the inevitable snack challenges no matter where they want to receive them. We offer a smarter (also affordable and convenient) snack experience,” he added. 

Tech supports personalised fulfilment 

Technology is at the heart of the operation and is central to each and every part of the process, from product inception to the end delivery to customers, or so-called ‘grazers’. 

“To ensure we can reach as great a proportion of the US in a reliable and cost-effective manner, we have designed a proprietary logistics solution, codenamed “the brain”, which analyses the best way to get each graze box to the grazer,” Fletcher continued. “This integrates, FedEx and USPS, and we believe it is a completely unique delivery model,” continued Fletcher. uses a state-of-the-art algorithm called DARWIN, for Decision Algorithm Rating What Ingredient's Next, to determine how snack portions are sorted, how boxes are labelled and how each box is customised to the individual customer based on dietary requirements and feedback on food preferences. 

Built-in personalisation offering

It also records the customer's order history and preferences and monitors stock levels. The company gets over 15,000 new ratings per hour and can use this data to create, package and market new innovative products to grazers within 48 hours.

The company began testing its product in the US early in 2013 with an email sent to 100 friends. Within 24 hours had customers in 48 American states and had over 20,000 customers after two weeks. To fulfil this demand, has invested over $5 million (£3.07m) establishing a permanent American operation. 

The company, formed in the UK by seven friends in 2008, has experienced international compound annual growth of over 130% and reported over £40m of revenue for the year to 28 February 2013. The Carlyle Group became the majority shareholder in November 2012, with Octopus Investments, DFJ Esprit and management owning the remaining share. 

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