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Startup monetises cinema chain content

By Retail Technology | Monday January 13 2014

Playrcart wins crowdfunding support after developing e-commerce video player app that enables cinema goers to make in-app ticket purchases

Picturehouse Cinemas is using newly developed e-commerce software to monetise video content and encourage customers to browse for longer.

The cinema chain has been working with Playrcart since last April to develop the startup's technology, a combined online video player and e-commerce app that enables customers to watch a film trailer published on the site of one its publishing partners and buy a ticket to see it directly from within the app.

As a result of the development work with early adopters like Picturehouse Cinemas, Playrcart has this month raised over £165,000 via Crowdcube, the equity crowdfunding platform for startups.

Glen Dormieux, Playrcart founder told, the company plans to build on its early success by moving into other verticals, including gaming and fashion.

Making more of online video content

"The e-commerce enabled player can be embedded on a desktop or mobile site as it is platform agnostic or used as an app in its own right," he said. "We make an affiliate fee on sales, companies like Picturehouse Cinemas can generate additional revenue streams and publishing partners, like Clash Media, which works with Picturehouse get to use and monetise free content."

Dormieux continued: "Site owners or publishers can enable customers to make a purchase without leaving our platform or their site." This increases the time customers spend browsing as well as the possibility they make additional purchases or click on other advertising.

He added: "Working with Picturehouse and other beta customers really helped us take the risk out the crowdfunding too."

"We are really excited about the potential the Playrcart model can deliver for us. Reaching out to both existing and new customers, where they are, and giving them an immediate purchase opportunity, is an extremely interesting idea for cinema ticket sales,” said Gabriel Swartland, head of communications for Picturehouse Cinemas, which is the UK's largest independent cinema chain and part of the Cineworld Group.

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