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Tesco reveals digital signage roll out

By Retail Technology | Wednesday March 5 2014

Leading grocer provides details on its award-winning project to install digital signage in its off licence stores throughout the UK

Tesco late last week announced the installation of an interactive digital signage network from Scala at its off licence stores in the UK. 

The installation was awarded “best overall retail experience” at the DailyDOOH Gala Awards in November 2013 and the grocer has now made details of the project public.

A first state-of-the-art digital signage system was installed by Scala’s Partner IPC Digital Media, using Scala as an engine, at the Tesco Off Licence in The Merrion Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

Tesco had given IPC Media a brief to create an off licence 'store of the future' that was both scalable and sustainable. And it wanted to enhance the shopping experience by creating a theatre environment, with engaging and interactive content at the point of purchase. 

It also wanted to build an interactive ‘lift and learn’ whisky unit to demonstrate to customers the differences between various whisky products. All this had to be created with a digital management service, which had to be bespoke and customised to Tesco and that could be updated and managed from one central location.

Customer interaction and engagement

Using Scala to deploy the system, IPC supplied and fitted stretched LCD screens that were custom installed into the shelving fixture at customer eye level. The companies said that use of eye-level motion graphics coupled with low-level audio created maximum impact and truly interacts with and engages with the customer, through the Scala digital signage engine. Scala was also used to design templates for temporary offers in both portrait and landscape format.
A total of eight screens installed were each divided into three sections, including three 38-inch stretch landscape screens in the beer and spirit gondola displays; two 22-inch screens in the wine gondola display; and, two 46-inch portrait screens and one 46-inch touchscreen at the entrance. The interactive ‘lift and learn’ whisky unit has also since been expanded to display wine and champagne.
IPC created the motion graphics in house in full HD and then deployed this content over multiple screens. Content is created to coincide with other elements instore, including bottled products and other marketing collateral. 

Colin Cashman, Tesco Merrion store manager, said: “Digital signage has made a very positive image within the store. It has given an interactive and modern feel to the off licence. Customer and staff feedback has been excellent. Customers like to touch the screen, interact with it and see the product on screen, and it highlights where the actual product is within the off licence.”

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