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Voice ordering for Domino’s Pizza apps

By Retail Technology | Friday June 20 2014

The pizza delivery giant adds voice ordering facility on its iPhone and Android app

Domino's Pizza is adding a voice ordering function to its iPhone and Android app that aims to make the ordering experience even more intuitive for Domino’s customers.

The voice ordering platform is powered by Nuance Communications’ Nina Mobile, an intelligent virtual assistant that blends speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding capabilities.

The app, which was recently launched in beta format, hopes to deliver human-like, conversational customer service.

Pioneering: the future of ordering

“There will be a day where typing on keyboards or with thumbs on mobile devices will come to a close,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and CEO. “We want to be the ones who continue to advance the technology experience, hand-in-hand with our customers. Our mobile app users who are a part of this launch are truly helping set the foundation for the innovations of today, that will soon enough become the standards of tomorrow.”

The Domino's ordering apps for iPhone and Android, which have been downloaded over 10 million times, are both available for free from the App Store on iPhone or the Google Play store on Android devices. Existing iPhone and Android app users will need the latest update to access the voice ordering feature.

European hacking

The pizza giant was in the news this week when it found itself at the heart of a hacking scandal in the French and Belgian markets, when a group that called itself Rex Mundi demanded that the company hand over €30,000 in exchange for 600,000 customer records it claimed to have stolen from Domino's Pizza servers.

Earlier in the year, Domino’s Pizza updated its cashless payment process and announced that it was working with Adyenas, the supplier of its online payment system in the Netherlands, to help reduce orders that are abandoned as well as increase their average value.

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