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Interactive online success for Loquet London

By Retail Technology | Tuesday August 5 2014

An interactive jewellery designer on the website of the British luxury jewellery brand has been so successful it has being rolled-out to in-store staff

Loquet London, a new British luxury jewellery concept that launched in June 2013, has rolled out an interactive website that allows visitors to create their own unique pieces on an intereactive necklace builder. 

Created by model Laura Bailey in collaboration with environmentalist and socialite Sheherazade Goldsmith, the Loquet label consists of bespoke lockets using charms and precious gems. 

Engaging customers

"Our interactive Loquet designer simplifies the design process for the consumer, engaging them from the outset with its customisable interactions,” commented Sheherazade Goldsmith. “Creating a bespoke piece of jewellery is now an easy process  that feels authentic and fun.”

Goldsmith says the Loquet designer has been such a success online that the brand has now created mobile versions in its physical concessions for sales assistants to use.

“It is our goal at Loquet London to create a compelling brand experience both online and as part of our broader strategy.”

End-to-end branding

The online locket and chain builder is part of a wider branded site which was built by design agency Studio Twig, which oversaw development of all Loquet branding, website, ecommerce, packaging, art direction and visual merchandise.

“Developing a unique website for Loquet allowed the brand to stand out in a crowded market place,” said Jonathan Twigger, founder of Studio Twig. “Website shopping experiences are becoming primary brand experiences as consumers are becoming more comfortable spending large sums of money online.”

Studio Twig also crafted a unique Loquet logo type with a marque that can be extracted and used alone. A bespoke font was created to convey the tone of voice of the brand. The agency also designed and art directed the 2014 Loquet lookbook.