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RS Components uses testing to refine online strategy

By Retail Technology | Monday August 11 2014

The electronics components distributor has invested in testing and targeting to boost web conversion

Electrical and electronic components distributor RS Components has rolled out specialised online testing and targeting to boost its web presence.

RS Components has operations in 32 countries and offers approximately 500,000 products through online, catalogue and in-store sales channels to more than 1 million engineer customers. 

Online analysis

As 60% of its business is handled online, the distributor decided to analyse its online presence to boost conversion and simplify the online purchase process for engineers.

Webtrends Optimize delivers a complete selection of test and target types, including A/B, multivariate tests, advanced segmentation, behavioural targeting and personalisation. It provides reliable results, scalability to grow with success and simple yet comprehensive reporting to provide actionable insights.

Through Webtrends’ multi-variate testing, RS Components was able to look at key stages in the purchase process to improve the user experience through effective design. The company deployed Webtrends Segments across its UK website to analyse customer behaviour through the sales funnel.

Boosting conversion
Following testing of the homepage, RS Components saw a 3 per cent increase in conversion for returning visitors. A further basket accessories test saw a 22 per cent uplift in average order value, and a test aimed to increase average order value through promotional incentives saw an increase in average order value of €10 per order.
“When we first started working with Webtrends, we hadn’t done much in the way of optimization,” commented Rob Lynch, web testing manager at RS Components. “However, my team believed strongly in its potential and the results speak for themselves. The business now sees so much value in optimisation that I have to fight off business units for use of my team’s resource. We have perpetual multi-track testing planned six months in advance.”

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