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Gumtree sticks with CRM

By Retail Technology | Wednesday May 31 2017

Classified sales platform Gumtree has announced a significant investment in its customer relationship management (CRM) strategy

Gumtree will be extending its use of Salesforce's cloud technology across all of its B2B sales accounts to marketing and customer service.

The company says the cloud investment will allow it to engage more effectively with its customers across multiple channels and better understand how, when, why and where they are using the Gumtree platform. 

As a result, Gumtree will be able to offer a more rounded and targeted marketing service towards them.

Gumtree has also brought on Phrasee to drive more customer engagement from email send outs. Phrasee’s technology uses AI to create impactful subject lines that encourage users to open and read email content marketing. 

The use of linguistic algorithms, integrated seamlessly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein's customer journeys, will allow Gumtree to optimise the language used in marketing materials in order to make campaigns more successful, personalised and engaging.

Matt Button, head of CRM at Gumtree, said: "As a pure digital brand, we have to ensure our CRM strategy fully complements and drives our ambitions as a business. Gumtree is in a period of significant growth and change, so we need to understand and engage with our customers as effectively as possible.”