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Travis Perkins builds with analytics

By Retail Technology | Tuesday July 18 2017

Builders merchant chain Travis Perkins is meeting customer demand better with new analytics software

The company is using a SAS analytics solution to optimise decision-making as to what products to stock in each branch, without cumbersome number-crunching. 

Travis Perkins is now able to manage its extensive product range, often available on short lead times within its supply chain, to identify and stock those products most important to its customers across 2,000 branches nationwide.

It sells over 200,000 unique stock-keeping units (SKUs), ranging from plumbing and heating products to tiles, roofing and insulation. 


The group decided to transform its approach to inventory management using SAS and CoreCompete, a SAS partner specialising in analytics. 

Peter Brewer, supply chain development manager, at Travis Perkins said: “SAS and CoreCompete proposed a robust solution that could cope with the size and diversity of our business, and allowed us to layer sophisticated analytics over traditional range-management capabilities.”

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