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Kellogg Company creates VR merchandising solution

By Retail Technology | Monday February 18 2019

Global food brand Kellogg has created and piloted a virtual reality (VR) merchandising solution to transform its brand and retail strategy

The company has collaborated with Accenture and Qualcomm to develop and pilot a solution that embeds eye tracking technology in a mobile virtual reality (VR) headset to reinvent how brands and retailers gather critical consumer data and perform market research.
The Accenture Extended Reality (XR) practice developed the VR merchandising solution utilising a Qualcomm VR reference design headset, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR Platform. 

The VR merchandising solution features embedded eye-tracking along with mixed reality software from InContext Solutions and eye-tracking data analytics capabilities from Cognitive3D. 

The resulting experience immerses consumers in a full-scale, simulated store, enabling them to move through the space, shop, pick up products and place them in carts – all while monitoring what consumers are looking at, for how long and why. 

Extended reach

The mobile solution is designed to allow companies to extend their reach to more geographically dispersed participants and perform market research faster, more affordably and on a larger scale.
The solution was tested in collaboration with Kellogg Company around the launch of its new Pop Tarts Bites product. 

It provided far deeper behavioural data than standard testing, which typically relies on online surveys and in-home user tests. 

In fact, this new data led to an entirely different merchandising conclusion than what was determined by traditional methods. 

Rather than placing Pop Tarts Bites on higher shelves, which conventional testing indicated was where consumers expected to find new products, the VR solution demonstrated that optimal placement for the new product was on lower shelves. This led to an increase in brand sales of 18% during testing.
Jenny McDaniels, senior manager of category strategy at Kellogg Company, said: “When trying to best assess a future product’s shelf placement, this new methodology provided optimal guidance from both a product and category perspective. This approach provided multiple data outputs, which in turn, created a holistic solution that would drive success for both the category and product.”

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