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More retailers plan network IP migration

Published 25.10.13 by Retail Technology
Annual survey into current and future use of CCTV by retailers finds modern communications infrastructure investment gaining momentum in the UK and Northern Europe

Agency showcases cutting-edge retail tech

Published 26.03.14 by Retail Technology
The latest styles in store technology showcased, from a virtual fitting room and book to interactive digital walls, 3D printers and mobile marketing analytics

Why your customers should know about PCI DSS

Published 28.08.13 by Retail Technology
Payments technology expert Rob Crutchington argues that a lack of consumer awareness about card security measures is harming consumer confidence
#One Stop

One Stop rolls out customer satisfaction programme

Published 01.10.13 by Retail Technology
My Local One Stop gets estate-wide roll out after regional pilots, to generate online or telephone customer feedback, incentivised with cash rewards

Lowe’s introduces the Holoroom

Published 14.03.17 by Retail Technology
US home improvement retailer Lowe’s has debuted its immersive design and visualisation tool Holoroom
#Theme Parks

Consumers want AI in theme parks

Published 08.06.17 by Retail Technology
A new survey has revealed that 85% of consumers in the US, UK, China, Japan and Malaysia want theme parks to use artificial intelligence (AI) systems for ID verification

Amazon to add VR apparel changing?

Published 09.10.17 by Retail Technology
Amazon has acquired a company whose software could be used to enable customers to virtually try on clothes

Lowe’s expands VR use

Published 15.02.18 by Retail Technology
US home improvement retailer Lowe’s has expanded its use of virtual reality (VR) to enhance employee training and customer experience

A switch in reality

Published 27.06.18 by Retail Technology
AR has been in the news for retailers recently with many companies pushing ahead with investment in the technology, but is it time to concentrate on VR opportunities instead? James Pruden from Xigen thinks so
#Digital transformation

The digital transformation opportunity

Published 15.07.18 by Retail Technology
The retail sector faces a clear challenge when it comes to digital transformation, so should companies be seeing it as just a headache? No, because retail stands to benefit more than most says Alfresco’s Christian Finzel
#Kellogg Company

Kellogg Company creates VR merchandising solution

Published 18.02.19 by Retail Technology
Global food brand Kellogg has created and piloted a virtual reality (VR) merchandising solution to transform its brand and retail strategy

100M to be shopping in AR by 2020 – Gartner

Published 02.04.19 by Retail Technology
Gartner has said it expects 100 million consumers to shop in augmented reality (AR) online and in-store by next year