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TGI Fridays UK serves up compliance

By Retail Technology | Monday March 25 2019

Restaurant chain TGI Fridays UK has implemented new software to help accelerate and manage their compliance and risk strategies

It has deployed Governance, Risk and Compliance vendor SureCloud’s GDPR suite to centralise and track its data and GDPR compliance, ensuring that the restaurant is equipped to meet GDPR requirements and to efficiently manage, store and analyse data. 

This solution replaces TGI Fridays’ manual data mapping and processing methods.
When TGI was looking for a solution to streamline its GDPR compliance processes, it approached SureCloud in late 2017, and committed to using the SureCloud GDPR Application Suite in December 2017. 

Reporting capabilities 

This also came at a time when TGI was using a ‘cumbersome’ Excel spreadsheet to produce its annual report and was in the process of conducting a review of its suppliers. 

These lacked the reporting capabilities that the restaurant needed to fulfil its GDPR requirements.
Its recommendation was the SureCloud GDPR Suite, delivered on the SureCloud platform.  

SureCloud has enhanced TGI’s ability to manage and provide reports on data subjects. Data can now be stored in a single centralised platform, which provides access for multiple users in TGI. 

After SureCloud had successfully demonstrated the ability to provide full visibility for management and automation of GDPR processes across the organisation, TGI selected its cloud-based suite of solutions.
Clearer oversight 

TGI can now build and maintain information assets in a register, which provides instant reporting and analysis of data subjects. TGI is using Data Privacy Impact Assessments to identify and minimise the privacy risks of new projects, systems or policies. 

Its Data Risk Management (DRM) solution is recording interactions with people and providing clearer oversight and analysis of its retention policies. Moving forward, TGI is conducting a biannual statistical analysis of its data subjects to identify and measure levels of risk across the business. 

The solution also facilitates assessments and aggregates the data from TGI Fridays’ suppliers making it easier to grade suppliers and their risks without having to extract the data from multiple different spreadsheets, accelerating the vendor risk assessment process.
Jeremy Dunderdale, IT manager at TGI Fridays, said: “Everything is now brought together in a single location. We grade the system according to low, medium and high risk. It is all in the system meaning we now no longer need to look at 20 to 30 different spreadsheets. It pools the risks out of each individual spreadsheet. It is showing it on an overall platform. That is the benefit and what is nice is that it helps in a way with GDPR to ensure we appoint suppliers who have decent processes in regard to security.”

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