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Articles tagged #GDPR

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GDPR: this year’s Millennium Bug?

Published 24.04.18 by Retail Technology
Should GDPR be a major concern to retailers? Is it the new Millennium Bug? Ketan Patel, CIO at tcc global, cuts through the scaremongering and explains why it’s a great opportunity for retailers

Companies underprepared for GDPR

Published 30.04.18 by Retail Technology
A new survey paints a worrying picture of business readiness for Global Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR)

Survey: Majority of small retailers were not ready for GDPR

Published 11.06.18 by Retail Technology
GDPR came into effect on May 25th and a new small business survey has revealed that only 31% of retailers were ready for the changes
#Digital transformation

The digital transformation opportunity

Published 15.07.18 by Retail Technology
The retail sector faces a clear challenge when it comes to digital transformation, so should companies be seeing it as just a headache? No, because retail stands to benefit more than most says Alfresco’s Christian Finzel

Retailers risk GDPR wrath with old equipment

Published 19.10.18 by Retail Technology
The retail industry features high on a list of sectors that are risking GDPR penalties by failing to wipe the memory of old IT equipment
#TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays UK serves up compliance

Published 25.03.19 by Retail Technology
Restaurant chain TGI Fridays UK has implemented new software to help accelerate and manage their compliance and risk strategies

Jardine motoring with ecommerce

Published 01.03.21 by Retail Technology
Car dealership franchise Jardine Motors Group UK has implemented new ecommerce platforms that enable the company to sell vehicles end-to-end online