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Office Depot Mexico adds merchandising tech

By Retail Technology | Thursday August 1 2019

Office Depot Mexico is implementing new merchandising software as part of its digital transformation strategy

It’s partnering with Oracle Retail to increase merchandising accuracy by increasing visibility into the movement of every product across its omnichannel operations.

“The vision we have at Office Depot Mexico is to connect the physical with the digital; that’s why we are investing in transforming our stores and investing in modern retail technology,” said Jaime Alverde, CEO of Office Depot Mexico. “Oracle will help us to transform the company from the technological point of view, aligning the objectives of the people who work in it, through better communication, better knowledge through data and analysis and a better approach with our end customers.”

Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management and Oracle Xstore Point-of-Service will be core tools in Office Depot Mexico’s transformation. 

Deeper understanding

By marrying the data from these systems with Oracle Retail Insights and Oracle Retail Customer Engagement, Office Depot Mexico will be able to gain a deeper understanding of each customer and be better able to engage them through relevant, timely offers and in-store interactions.

Office Depot Mexico says it selected Oracle Retail Consulting to implement the project based on the professional experience of its team and the deep domain expertise on the solutions and retail market.

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