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CASE STUDY: Website upgrade pays off for Annoushka

By Retail Technology | Tuesday December 10 2019

Premium jewellery retailer Annoushka has seen mobile revenue more than double after upgrading its website

The Brief 


The team at Annoushka felt that their old site was outdated and didn’t reflect their values as a brand. They wanted their online experience to reflect their mission to design creative, fine jewellery for modern women.


Coming to the end of their license with their previous platform, Annoushka decided to assess the landscape to find the best way to harness digital growth. 


They wanted an offering that would grow with the business and allow them to expand into new regions and offer the latest features. 


Luxury ecommerce has the challenge of effectively communicating a brand story and the intricacy of a product in a tangible way. Annoushka wanted to leverage the power of video, mobile, merchandising and machine learning to better connect with customers, communicating more about the product and the way it’s created. 


To succeed, it was vital to cut through with great content and superior service.


The Solution 


Tryzens and Annoushka partnered to perform a comprehensive review of the digital commerce landscape and Annoushka’s key requirements. Keeping in mind that Annoushka have a small team that needs to remain lean while producing a superior offering, the teams selected Salesforce Commerce Cloud as their preferred platform.


Tryzens worked closely with Annoushka on an incremental approach, prioritising a rapid launch and adding more functionality as the project progressed. All of this enabled a strategic focus on customers and storytelling rather than focusing on day-to-day trade at an operational level.


A significant driver behind the decision was rapid global expansion. 


The brand expanded from four to seven regions with the launch of their new platform and the architecture Tryzens engineered has become the foundation for a larger global offering. 


Store staff can now leverage the website as a global storefront with global footfall, providing more opportunity for support and growth.


The solution succeeded in increasing traffic and conversion, with a more SEO-friendly offering, improved load times, richer page design and a greatly improved checkout.


Site Features 


Product Focus


Bespoke landing pages and product pages cater to Annoushka’s unique products – making it easy to navigate and explore while featuring the products in a beautiful way.


Product search has been greatly improved with richer, visual results, and boasts AI product suggestions.

Customer Connection


Live chat provided by Hero connects customers, wherever they are, to in-store advisors. Customers can use text or video to chat with advisors in a personal experience that brings the product to life. 


The site sees a large number of orders come through live chat. It enables personal connection and allows customers from locations without a physical store to see and learn about a product through guided selling.


Rich Storytelling


Dynamic content throughout the customer journey allows Annoushka to tell the evolving story of their brand. The design of the new sites has given the team freedom to feature and experiment with bold campaign images, rich content and the playfulness that defines the brand.  


Through integration and platform tools, content pages across the sites now feature a variety of photography, animation and shoppable images to engage the customer.

Global Reach

Annoushka’s digital offering operates across seven dedicated regions, providing product guidance, support and commerce around the world. Customers can browse stores with local content in six currencies and pay using Paypal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex and China Union Pay.


In addition to mobile revenue more than doubling, transactions increased 82% and conversion 38%.


Annoushka head of marketing and ecommerce Sophie Litvinoff said: “We wanted an offering that would grow with us and allow us to expand into new regions and offer the latest features. Tryzens were invaluable in helping us to map out and implement our new digital flagship to help us reach our global trading potential.” 



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