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Retail Technology

Articles tagged #MOBILE COMMERCE

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Retailers lack omnichannel consistency

Published 22.09.16 by Retail Technology
New research suggests damaging inconsistencies in the omnichannel shopping experience of customers
#Mobile commerce

Consumers still wary of buying through mobile and tablet?

Published 05.01.18 by Retail Technology
Surprising new research suggests shoppers are much less likely to go through with their purchases if they are using phones and tablets to buy goods online

QVC unveils new iPhone app

Published 08.02.19 by Retail Technology
QVC has launched a new app for iPhone with an expanded feed of shoppable videos

Sainsbury’s launches UK’s first till-free store

Published 30.04.19 by Retail Technology
Sainsbury’s has brought the first till-free store to the UK with a shop in London’s Holborn Circus

CASE STUDY: Website upgrade pays off for Annoushka

Published 10.12.19 by Retail Technology
Premium jewellery retailer Annoushka has seen mobile revenue more than double after upgrading its website