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Fullers gives staff financial control

By Retail Technology | Monday June 1 2020

Pub and hotel business Fullers is using new finance technology to enable team members to draw up to 30% of earned wages in advance

The service will be available to all 5,000 team members in over 200 Fuller’s managed pubs and hotels and those working in the company’s supporting functions.

Plans to introduce the Wagestream system were already in place prior to the coronavirus lockdown, but with finance becoming an even bigger issue for furloughed team members, Fuller’s decided to press ahead and get the system in place.

Income streaming gives workers early access to a percentage of their accrued pay on any day of the month – regardless of whether or not the employee is furloughed.

Coronavirus crisis

Income streaming will reduce the financial anxiety associated with unexpected expenses caused by the coronavirus crisis, with tens of millions of people nationwide facing mortgage payments, rent and utility bills alongside the very real prospect of job losses within households.

Dawn Browne, people & talent director at Fuller’s, said: “It’s not just the early access to wages that is appealing to Fuller’s though. We are big believers in giving our team members the personal tools they need to manage their finances and Wagestream offers access to tips and guides for improving your financial health too.”

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