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COVID-19: Morrisons scales up fleet

Published 27.04.20 by Retail Technology
Supermarket chain Morrisons has rapidly scaled up its fleet to meet unprecedented demand for home deliveries due to COVID-19
#Drakes Supermarkets

COVID-19: Drakes Supermarkets upgrades IT

Published 23.04.20 by Retail Technology
Australia’s Drakes Supermarkets has replaced its ageing IT to better serve customers during COVID-19

Ikea owner buys 3D and AI developer

Published 22.04.20 by Retail Technology
Ikea owner Ingka Group has acquired a 3D and visual AI solutions developer for interactive home furnishing inspiration

Sainsburys advances supply chain transformation

Published 21.04.20 by Retail Technology
Sainsburys has selected a new supply chain platform as the foundation of its supply chain transformation

COVID-19: Kroger uses tech to limit customers

Published 20.04.20 by Retail Technology
The Kroger grocery chain is using technology to enforce new customer capacity limits during COVID-19

The Henderson Group introduces mobile retail tech to stores

Published 17.04.20 by Retail Technology
The Henderson Group has introduced mobile retail technology to three Spar and EuroSpar stores in Northern Ireland

COVID-19: Online shopping behaviour set to change

Published 15.04.20 by Retail Technology
The changes to delivery and returns propositions made by global retailers in the face of COVID-19 will likely bring about permanent change, according to GlobalData

COVID-19: Morrisons teams up with Deliveroo

Published 14.04.20 by Retail Technology
Morrisons is teaming up with online food delivery Deliveroo to launch a new delivery scheme following the increased demand of the COVID-19 crisis

Happy Easter

Published 09.04.20 by Retail Technology
We are heading offline for the Easter holiday weekend but will be back bringing you the latest news from the retail technology arena on Tuesday April 14!

The authentication silver bullet

Published 08.04.20 by Retail Technology
Data privacy is high on the global agenda but what is the best solution to ensuring consumer privacy? Biometrics is the key argues Jonas Andersson, head of standardisation at Fingerprints

COVID-19: Deliveries arriving quicker during pandemic

Published 07.04.20 by Retail Technology
Online retailers and their carriers are delivering parcels almost 20% faster than usual as the ongoing coronavirus crisis continues to unfold

COVID-19: Supermarkets told to implement new contactless limit

Published 06.04.20 by Retail Technology
All supermarkets in the UK are being urged to implement the new contactless limit in the UK to quickly reduce customer safety concerns

The brave new world of payments

Published 01.04.20 by Retail Technology
With payment options exploding in recent years, what does the future look like for ecommerce? James Booth, VP, head of partnerships in EMEA for PPRO, explains
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COVID-19 thrusts online grocers into the spotlight

Published 01.04.20 by Retail Technology
The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted grocery ecommerce to a new level that UK supermarkets are struggling to cope with, writes eMarketer analyst Karin von Abrams
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Pladis Global cracks it with analytics

Published 31.03.20 by Retail Technology
Pladis Global – producer of biscuit and cracker brands McVitie’s and Jacobs – has implemented a new analytics platform

SPONSORED NEWS: Philips redefines interaction with P-Cap

Published 30.03.20 by Retail Technology
Philips P-Cap displays: interaction newly defined

COVID-19: What if your staff cannot work from home?

Published 27.03.20 by Retail Technology
If working from home isn’t viable for your retail business, how do you keep your workers safe throughout the COVID-19 crisis? Erik Fjellborg, CEO and Founder of Quinyx, gives his thoughts

Umbro launches online in Italy

Published 26.03.20 by Retail Technology
English sportswear and football equipment supplier Umbro is launching an online store in Italy as part of its digital transformation

Message from our publisher

Published 24.03.20 by Retail Technology
In these unprecedented times, everyone at Retail Technology would like to wish the best of health to all our readers and partners.

Morrisons expands online amid Coronavirus pandemic

Published 20.03.20 by Retail Technology
UK supermarket giant Morrisons has said it plans to expand online operations by including another 100 stores due to Coronavirus