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Amazon adds shopping option to Fire TV

Published 07.06.17 by Retail Technology
Amazon has launched a shopping app for its Fire TV service that allows users to purchase via their TV screens

Robot retail

Published 14.06.17 by Retail Technology
Sam Knights, director at shopper media agency Threefold, takes a look at the challenges of robots and advanced technology in retail
#Amazon prime air

Amazon drone patent creates buzz

Published 28.06.17 by Retail Technology
Amazon’s latest patent filing associated with its drone air delivery project is for beehive-like multi-level fulfilment centres

Putting the AI in retail

Published 05.07.17 by Retail Technology
We hear a lot about AI and retail but just how much potential does it have to change industry? Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO of NetDespatch, takes a look

Amazon plans robotic mannequins

Published 14.07.17 by Retail Technology
Amazon has won a patent for a new system for robotic mannequins

Prime movers

Published 25.07.17 by Retail Technology
Hot off another big Prime Day, ICLP general manager Jason De Winne looks at how Amazon uses their latest consumer technology to build a deeper bond with customers

Ocado launches Alexa app

Published 30.08.17 by Retail Technology
Online grocer Ocado has become the first UK supermarket to launch an app for the Amazon Alexa voice-controlled assistant

Avoiding the cost of downtime

Published 20.09.17 by Retail Technology
With technology now such an intrinsic part of successful retail just how costly has downtime become and how can it be mitigated? Claudine Mosseri, group services director for ByBox, explains

Amazon to add VR apparel changing?

Published 09.10.17 by Retail Technology
Amazon has acquired a company whose software could be used to enable customers to virtually try on clothes

Generation “I see it, I want it”

Published 19.10.17 by Retail Technology
Sarah Flannery, head of display & paid social at Forward3D, outlines how tech is transforming fashion for the age of the “I see it, I want it” consumer

Maplin improves omnichannel experience

Published 01.11.17 by Retail Technology
Electronics retailer Maplin has selected new software to help brings its in-store experience online

Amazon Go opens its doors to public

Published 23.01.18 by Retail Technology
Amazon’s groundbreaking cashier-less Amazon Go store concept has officially opened to the public on the ground floor of its Seattle headquarters