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DFS factory goes live with new ERP

Published 24.05.13 by Retail Technology
The sofa manufacturer and retailer introduces new software to streamline and manage output from its manufacturing sites

DFS launches new multichannel platform

Published 12.09.13 by Retail Technology
Transforms business with new multi-million pound investment to offer customers a fully integrated journey from inspiration to purchase

DFS optimises online content

Published 03.02.14 by Retail Technology
Adaptive Media Platform and dynamic media enables real-time response to trending products to help multichannel furniture retailer maximise sales over Christmas

DFS sitting pretty with new cloud solution

Published 23.03.17 by Retail Technology
Sofa retailer DFS has seen a 34% increase in transactions per day with new managed cloud 'peak planning' software

DFS moving forward with new fleet software

Published 20.04.18 by Retail Technology
Furniture retailer DFS has introduced software to improve the performance and safety of its fleet

DFS launches online AR functionality

Published 09.10.18 by Retail Technology
DFS has become the first UK furniture retailer to add augmented reality (AR) functionality to its websites

DFS digitises HR and payroll

Published 15.01.19 by Retail Technology
Furniture brand and retailer DFS has undertaken a digital transformation of its HR and payroll functions

DFS sitting pretty with AR

Published 08.12.20 by Retail Technology
Furniture retailer DFS has launched the world’s largest web-based augmented reality (AR) implementation to grow sales during the COVID-19 pandemic

DFS sitting pretty with new CX

Published 29.07.22 by Retail Technology
Furniture giant DFS has announced plans to enhance its customer experience with a new platform