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Articles tagged #GENESYS

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Consumers expect cross-channel comms

Published 05.05.10 by Retail Technology
Survey of 16 countries shows companies face increasing customer service challenges from lack of cross-channel communications
#Westbridge Furniture Designs

Westbridge Furniture Designs does cloud

Published 08.09.14 by Retail Technology
Upholstery manufacturer rolls out cloud-based customer service solution including voice response and web chat

CASE STUDY: M&S connects touch points to grow revenue

Published 12.07.18 by Retail Technology
Marks & Spencer (M&S) has transformed service and grown revenue by integrating every customer touchpoint

Debunking chatbot myths

Published 02.07.19 by Retail Technology
Chatbots have become increasingly popular among retailers looking to improve customer experience. But just how efficient are they? Rodney Hassard from Genesys goes mythbusting