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Mulberry bags supply chain IT for business growth

Published 13.04.10 by Retail Technology
Luxury UK brand improves efficiency and supports business growth with new systems in IT-enabled warehouse

Mulberry puts demand and fulfilment in cloud

Published 27.06.13 by Retail Technology
Iconic British luxury brand invests in new supply chain capabilities to help achieve a responsive supply chain
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Supply chain technology: the key to online order fulfilment

Published 25.08.14 by Retail Technology
Retail strategy expert Lee Gill examines the challenges posed by the rise of online shopping and the convergence of the digital and physical supply chains

Should retailers care about what music they play in-store?

Published 18.09.14 by Retail Technology
Music and branding specialist Rob Wood examines the impact of music on a retailer’s brand and customer relationship

Mulberry staff go mobile

Published 02.08.18 by Retail Technology
Luxury brand Mulberry are empowering in-store staff with a new mobility platform

Mulberry implements seasonal success

Published 10.04.19 by Retail Technology
Iconic British fashion brand Mulberry has implemented new planning software

Mulberry boosts sales with data

Published 04.06.21 by Retail Technology
Iconic fashion brand Mulberry has seen a 25% rise in sales after improving its use of data

Mulberry goes contactless for charity

Published 07.01.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer Mulberry has fitted a number of its stores with contactless donation devices to raise money and awareness

Mulberry adds order management software

Published 18.03.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer Mulberry has implemented a new order management solution across its stores and online channel