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Articles tagged #PAUL SMITH

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#Paul Smith

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Smith upgrades IP video

Published 14.02.14 by Retail Technology
British fashion designer updates surveillance and security systems across its UK and international store estate to boost loss prevention and operations management
#Paul Smith

Paul Smith looking good with new retail software

Published 02.05.18 by Retail Technology
British fashion brand Paul Smith is looking to enhance customer understanding and improve performance reporting with new retail software

Paul Smith gets digital boost

Published 25.04.23 by Retail Technology
British designer Paul Smith has seen increased revenue and conversions with new digital commerce technology
#MACH Alliance

Event report: Retailers move to MACH

Published 04.07.23 by Retail Technology
Retailers, such as Paul Smith and Rapha, are moving from monolith to modern MACH technology for big gains in productivity, retention and conversionsĀ