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Articles tagged #PERSONALISATION

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Woolworths signs up to marketing platform

Published 11.11.20 by Retail Technology
Australia’s largest retailer, Woolworths is using a new digital marketing platform to support personalised real-time marketing

Lounge Underwear gets personal

Published 10.12.20 by Retail Technology
Underwear brand and retailer Lounge Underwear has signed up to a new customer engagement platform to improve customer personalisation

Mizuno gets personal

Published 03.03.21 by Retail Technology
Sportswear brand Mizuno has turned to personalisation to increase shopper engagement and drive sales

Boohoo drives personalisation

Published 17.06.21 by Retail Technology
Online fashion retailer Boohoo is seeking to enhance its personalisation with a new partnership

Doves Farm Foods gets personal

Published 28.07.21 by Retail Technology
Specialist Miller and baker Doves Farm Foods has selected a new marketing automation platform to improve personalisation

Ikea content with success

Published 29.07.21 by Retail Technology
Swedish homewares and furniture retailer Ikea has recorded significant success by enhancing personalisation with recommended content

New Look gets testing

Published 11.08.21 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer New Look has selected a new tech partner to scale its testing programme

Ren’s Pets gets closer to customers

Published 29.09.21 by Retail Technology
Canadian pet store chain Ren’s Pets is improving its customer outreach as it prepares for significant growth

Getting Personal: Retail’s Next Chapter

Published 21.01.22 by Retail Technology
Everyone’s agrees 2022 will be a crucial year for retail with less pandemic restrictions but what will retail’s next chapter look like? Michael Green from Salesforce says things are about to get increasingly personal

Oggi Jeans tries on customer engagement

Published 02.02.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion brand Oggi Jeans has selected a new customer engagement solution as part of a technology upgrade designed to support revenue growth of 20% by the end of 2022

Bulevip gets closer to customer data

Published 21.02.22 by Retail Technology
Spanish sporting goods store Bulevip has announced a new partnership to unify customer data

Aqua & Rock gets personal

Published 31.03.22 by Retail Technology
Sustainable fashion brand Aqua & Rock has selected a new personalisation platform