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Articles tagged #PERSONALISATION

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Dreams gets personal

Published 13.05.22 by Retail Technology
Beds retailer Dreams has chosen a new personalisation platform

Happy Hammers get personal

Published 23.06.22 by Retail Technology
Premier League club West Ham are creating a new hyper-personalised online fan experience

Le Chameau gets personal for success

Published 31.07.22 by Retail Technology
Premium boot brand Le Chameau has added over £250,000 in sales in six months using personalised ecommerce sales software

304 Clothing gets personal

Published 25.08.22 by Retail Technology
UK streetwear brand 304 Clothing has selected a new personalisation platform

Crew Clothing adds personal touch

Published 07.09.22 by Retail Technology
British lifestyle brand Crew Clothing has onboarded a new personalisation platform

FaceGym takes the personal approach

Published 27.10.22 by Retail Technology
Skincare brand FaceGym has seen success with new personalisation software that has grown digital revenues

Fishpools adds a personal touch

Published 30.03.23 by Retail Technology
Furniture retailer Fishpools is using a new personalisation platform for online customers

Sole Treadmills gets fit online

Published 19.04.23 by Retail Technology
Fitness equipment brand Sole Treadmills has selected a new personalisation platform

Toolden nails personalisation

Published 17.05.23 by Retail Technology
UK tools and accessories retailer Toolden has selected a versatile personalisation platform to power personalised experiences for customers online

Delivering peak communications for peak sales

Published 14.11.23 by Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Scurri
Personalised post-purchase communication can transform a one-time buyer into a loyal customer, explains Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Scurri
#Charity Art Expo

Art event leads the way with promotions

Published 30.10.23 by Retail Technology
The Charity Art Expo shares how retailers can learn about using smart links and social media power to transform the power of their promotions

BSH gets personal

Published 21.12.23 by Retail Technology
Home appliance maker BSH Group has used Medallia Experience Orchestration to personalise each customer’s brand experience