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Retail Technology

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Shaping the future of retail

Published 14.01.22 by Retail Technology
Retail technology has really come to the fore during the pandemic as companies pivot to survive and thrive. But what will be the key tech trends in 2022? Validify CEO Fergal O’Mullane gives his take.

Solving the skills shortage

Published 24.02.22 by Retail Technology
It’s no secret that retail is suffering from a major skills shortage but can technology play a part in resolving the issue? WorkJam’s Mark Williams says yes

Bally refreshes POS

Published 23.03.22 by Retail Technology
Luxury fashion house Bally is giving stores a retail point-of-sale refresh to enhance its omnichannel shopping experience

What do retailers really want from technology?

Published 18.04.22 by Retail Technology
What do retailers really want? Retail technology that delivers the best customer experience says Red Ant CEO Sarah Friswell

Digital attraction

Published 27.04.22 by Retail Technology
How do you attract more customers using digital transformation technology in retail stores? Validify explains all

As the squeeze on spending tightens, can AI unlock retail success?

Published 10.05.22 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ CEO, Barry Grange, looks at retail digital transformation, intelligent merchandising and a data-driven approach to profitability with leaner times ahead

Surviving the storm

Published 06.06.22 by Validify
An unprecedented combination of circumstances is culminating in a perfect storm for retailers and brands. This blog unpacks the turbulent retail environment, how this is impacting retail operations and how brands can avoid damage to their business by leveraging innovative technologies.