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Articles tagged #SWEATY BETTY

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#Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty embraces personalisation

Published 08.11.13 by Retail Technology
Women’s retailer integrates customer feedback as part of strategy to deliver comprehensive product information and a personalised online shopping experience
#Sweaty Betty

CASE STUDY: Sweaty Betty locates success

Published 31.05.11 by Retail Technology
Women’s activewear brand uses Experian analytics to drive customer insight and store location analysis initiative
#Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty focuses on growing digital presence

Published 18.09.12 by Retail Technology
Activewear retailer partners with specialist agency to optimise online customer journey
#Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty upgrades online experience

Published 21.04.17 by Retail Technology
Women’s activewear retailer Sweaty Betty is to enhance its ecommerce platform to better serve its global customer base
#Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty launches digital flagship site

Published 06.08.18 by Retail Technology
Activewear brand and retailer Sweaty Betty has launched its new responsive website with enhanced mobile optimisation