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#Ted Baker

Ted Baker launches new e-commerce site

Published 08.11.13 by Retail Technology
Design-led fashion brand overhauls its online shopping channel with a new user experience designed to easily tailor content to appeal to its international customer base
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker ERP underpins international expansion

Published 24.03.14 by Retail Technology
British brand deploys new supply chain technology and support services to support global growth plans and increase its competitive advantage
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker launches e-commerce site in the U.S.

Published 01.08.14 by Retail Technology
The fashion brand is extending its e-commerce initiative to the United States following the success of its initial European online drive
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker to offer instore Wi-Fi with The Cloud

Published 08.12.11 by Retail Technology
Lifestyle fashion brand to provide mobile internet access, including via Wi-Fi enabled store devices
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker software roll out supports international expansion

Published 02.02.12 by Retail Technology
Retail management and till systems will help British brand grow its business across US and Asia
#Ted baker

Ted Baker releases ‘shoppable’ online film

Published 16.09.16 by Retail Technology
Ted Baker has released an interactive online ‘shoppable’ three-minute film courtesy of executive producer Guy Ritchie
#Ted Baker

New payment app for Ted Baker

Published 25.09.17 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer Ted Baker has launched a new app-based payment solution
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker updates IT support

Published 03.07.18 by Retail Technology
Global fashion brand and retailer Ted Baker has upgraded its first-line IT services across its 165 stores across UK and Europe
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker transforms email marketing

Published 18.01.19 by Retail Technology
Fashion brand and retailer Ted Baker is enhancing its customer engagement with live, automated and personalised email marketing content
#Ted Baker

Ted Baker fashions new omnichannel deal

Published 28.06.19 by Retail Technology
Iconic fashion brand and retailer Ted Baker is enhancing its omnichannel order management operations with a new tech partnership

Ted Baker adds flexible payments

Published 13.08.20 by Retail Technology
Fashion brand and retailer Ted Baker has added flexible payments to its customer offering

Ted Baker gets omnichannel boost

Published 30.09.20 by Retail Technology
Iconic fashion brand Ted Baker has fulfilled an extra 101,000 online orders in one year following a new omnichannel initiative