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Wayfair launches photo search

Published 13.11.17 by Retail Technology
Home furnishing store Wayfair has launched artificial intelligence-enabled Search with Photo in Europe
#Future Platforms

Visualising sales

Published 11.01.18 by Retail Technology
What are the visual search tools of the future and how could they hold the key to increasing mcommerce transactions for retailers? Olivier Legris, lead strategist at Future Platforms explains

Wayfair using new 3D Facebook feature

Published 22.02.18 by Retail Technology
Home furnishing retailer Wayfair is taking advantage of Facebook’s new 3D posting feature

Wayfair offers MR shopping experience

Published 10.08.18 by Retail Technology
Furniture retailer Wayfair has launched a first-of-it’s-kind mixed reality (MR) commerce experience

Wayfair heads to the cloud

Published 13.01.20 by Retail Technology
Home furnishings retailer Wayfair has streamlined its move to the cloud with globally resilient connectivity

Wayfair adds video commerce experience

Published 23.11.21 by Retail Technology
Homewares retailer Wayfair has launched a new immersive video commerce exoerurbce for customers

Wayfair launches Digital Design Studio

Published 16.05.23 by Retail Technology
Home furnishings online retailer Wayfair has launched the Digital Design Studio, a patent-pending technology that brings the best of online and in-store shopping together