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ACHICA embraces personalisation technology

By Retail Technology | Monday April 7 2014

Global luxury members-only online retailer selects new personalisation software to focus on customer retention and product discovery

ACHICA, the members-only luxury lifestyle store, today announced it has entered into a long-term partnership with Sailthru, a provider of personalised marketing communications technology. 

The agreement will enable ACHICA to take advantage of Sailthru’s omnichannel personalisation platform to provide personalised brand experiences to every individual customer. Sailthru Smart Data technology will support all personalised communications and online experiences for ACHICA, including email and mobile.
The deployment of Sailthru technology is part of ACHICA’s wider strategy to drive its core proposition of discovery – encouraging customers to discover new brands, unique products and content through the ACHICA platform, and thereby increasing customer retention, lifetime value and brand loyalty in the process. 

Adding new analytical capabilities

The online retailer has also adopted Sailthru’s Advanced Analytics business intelligence (BI) tool, which will allow the marketing team to identify revenue and retention opportunities based on customer behaviour trends and interactions. This capability will enable it to monitor the impact of personalised marketing campaigns, identify gaps in the salescycle and then automate that process to tailor communications accordingly based on each customer’s interests.

Mark Hodson, ACHICA chief marketing officer, explained exclusively to how the company used a mixture of customer behaviour and trend analytic tools, where some were built in-house or from third-partyproviders, while others were available free (such as Google Analytics).

“What we saw in Sailthru was a way to bring many of these disparate tools together to give us potentially much more powerful insight,” Hodson said. “Additionally, as it is linked to emails and onsite content, it is much more actionable.”
Will Cooper, ACHICA chief executive, commented: “We pride ourselves in knowing our customers, as a members-only online store it is important for us to truly understand their behaviour so we can provide person-specific, relevant communications. 

To achieve this, Cooper said the company realised that a strategic shift in its e-commerce business was needed to ensure its customers receive a personalised experience at all stages of engagement. “As ACHICA’s product offering continues to expand and increase in range, the technology from Sailthru will allow us to help customers discover fabulous and unique products at amazing prices,” he added.

Showcasing a personal touch

Hodson explained: “The strategic shift in our e-commerce business is related to our range of products, which is rapidly increasing. In the early days of ACHICA, we had fewer sales and promotions every day. Today, we are running an increasing number of daily sales, and there are more products at fantastic discounts. 

“While this results in great choice for our customers, particularly for those that want to browse, we know that some customers don’t always have the luxury of time. So the shift is trying to match our offering of fabulous brands at amazing prices to individual customers’ particular interests.”

He concluded that Sailthru will enable ACHICA to create more tailored customer email communications. “Another example would be recommending products on our website,” he added. “The balance is making sure that we retain the element of inspiration and discovery that we know our members love, while not inundating them with an overwhelming choice.”

ACHICA also recently revealed it had taken on new website session recording and reporting technology to provide greater insight into its members’ online shopping experiences.

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