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Online furniture store goes omnichannel

By Retail Technology | Monday July 14 2014

Furniture brand MADE.COM is extending its online presence to its showrooms through mobile digital interaction technology

Made-to-order furniture provider MADE.COM is extending its online presence to its Notting Hill showroom, where it’s trialling technology that allows shoppers to digitally interact with its products.

CloudTags enables customers to access product information for items on display in-store, such as colours and dimensions, using a handheld device. They can then email themselves a ‘wishlist’ of the products they have viewed, providing valuable data for MADE.COM. 

The idea behind MADE.COM aims is to cut-out middlemen such as importers and high street shops and pass savings on to customers. In its showrooms, the retailer is reportedly aiming to bridge the gap between online and offline for customers that want to touch and feel its products before purchase. 

“As a brand we’re continually looking at innovations that improve our customer’s shopping experience and the feedback from showroom visitors so far has been very positive,” said Annabel Kilner, Head of UK, MADE.COM. “The technology is incredibly easy to use and has been quickly adopted by our customers and we look forward to seeing its impact on our omnichannel strategy.”

CloudTags anticipates future integrations of its technology in other MADE showrooms based on the success of the Notting Hill trial.

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