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Yamamay enhances sustainability

Published 11.02.21 by Retail Technology
Italian underwear retailer Yamamay has expanded its product lifecycle management (PLM) initiatives

Crocs gets tech upgrade

Published 19.02.21 by Retail Technology
Footwear brand Crocs has deployed new software for point of sale, merchandising, audit & operations management, and analytics

CRC Sports boosts merchandising

Published 02.07.21 by Retail Technology
Thai sports retailer CRC Sports is going live with new technology to enhance merchandising by optimising stock levels and increasing responsiveness

Eigerindo scales new heights with PLM

Published 11.02.22 by Retail Technology
Outdoor adventure retailer Eigerindo MPI has deployed a new next-generation PLM solution

Mulberry adds order management software

Published 18.03.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer Mulberry has implemented a new order management solution across its stores and online channel

Liberty updates POS and CRM

Published 04.04.24 by Retail Technology
Iconic department store Liberty will deploy the latest versions of Aptos’ Store POS and CRM applications and migrate the software delivery from on-premises to SaaS

Liberty Elevates Brand Experience with Aptos

Published 29.02.24 by Retail Technology
Aptos, a leader in unified commerce solutions, announced today that renowned British department store Liberty is renewing its partnership with Aptos for store technology and customer experience solutions