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Ted Baker releases ‘shoppable’ online film

Published 16.09.16 by Retail Technology
Ted Baker has released an interactive online ‘shoppable’ three-minute film courtesy of executive producer Guy Ritchie

Nordstrom takes POS to the cloud

Published 21.03.17 by Retail Technology
US fashion retailer Nordstrom is moving to a POS system in the cloud to increase accuracy and consistency across multiple locations and better manage and track information

Nordstrom embraces Snapchat for Anniversary Sale

Published 19.07.17 by Retail Technology
US department store Nordstrom will make particular use of Snapchat for this year’s annual Anniversary Sale which begins 21 July

Nordstrom names new tech head

Published 18.04.23 by Retail Technology
Department store Nordstrom has named Jason Morris as it’s new chief technology and information officer

Nordstrom announces digital marketplace

Published 08.05.24 by Retail Technology
US department store Nordstrom is rolling out a new digital marketplace in its website