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#Smart Mirror

Smart mirror to offer payment option

Published 14.06.18 by Retail Technology
Mastercard has announced the first smart mirror to include a payment function

NA-KD goes global with payments

Published 22.06.18 by Retail Technology
Online Swedish fashion retailer NA-KD is going global after expanding its payments provider partnership

Swoon sitting comfortably with new payments

Published 17.07.18 by Retail Technology
Online furniture seller Swoon is offering flexible financing with new payments software
#Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay expands payments options

Published 24.07.18 by Retail Technology
Online beauty retailer Beauty Bay has launched a new payments service enabling shoppers to buy now and pay later
#Fragrance Shop

Fragrance Shop offers new online payments

Published 30.08.18 by Retail Technology
Fragrance retailer The Fragrance Shop is now offering a pay after delivery option with new online payments software
#Moss Bros

Moss Bros offers pay later option

Published 05.09.18 by Retail Technology
Men’s formalwear retailer Moss Bros. has made a new buy first and pay later option available to its UK online customers
#In The Style

In The Style fashions new payments

Published 25.09.18 by Retail Technology
Online fast fashion retailer In The Style has added a new ‘pay later’ payment service for its customers

Alipay comes to Chinatown

Published 27.09.18 by Retail Technology
Restaurants in London’s Chinatown will be the first to offer the Alipay mobile payment service to customers outside of China

H&M enhances omnichannel offering

Published 08.10.18 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer H&M has sealed a new payments solution partnership to enhance its omnichannel offering to consumers

GAP picks European payments partner

Published 15.10.18 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer GAP has selected a new payments platform to manage in-store and online payments across Europe

Contactless overtakes Chip and Pin in UK

Published 18.10.18 by Retail Technology
Worldpay figures have revealed that contactless transactions have overtaken chip and pin payments for the first time in the UK
#Arcadia Group

Arcadia goes live with new payments tech

Published 13.11.18 by Retail Technology
Arcadia Group has become one of the first fashion retailers to go live with a new payments software