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Bassbuds increases social media buzz

By Retail Technology | Friday June 21 2013

Online retailer boosts customer engagement and conversions with new social marketing platform, with a 5-10% monthly increase in sales

Online in-ear headphones retailer BassBuds is using marketing platform Owned it to increase social media engagement and sales.

Launched 18 months ago in the UK, BassBuds then rolled out its website internationally to 11 countries, including France and Germany. 

Wanting to create a high level of social media buzz across several counties and an engaged community online, BassBuds also wanted to keep customers informed of the company’s latest news, products and events, while boosting repeat purchases and cross-promoting its range.

Social media campaign strategy

The retailer identified Facebook as the main social media channel with an international presence where most of its customers were active and required a tool to run campaigns initially for six individual international retail websites, while managing them centrally. In addition, the tool needed to be cost-effective and compatible with Magento.

BassBuds selected Owned it, a marketing platform launched publicly late last year for online retailers designed for creating marketing campaigns that enable social sharing of tailored offers and incentives.

Using the Owned it suite of customer engagement apps BassBuds offered vouchers to its customers and their networks and cross-promoted its BassBoomz product by providing customers with incentives to buy following a BassBuds purchase.

The provider reported that that the platform was installed for six websites and BassBuds’ web designer and web developer had set up trial campaigns in less than a day. It enabled the retailer to present BassBud customers with a social campaign at the order confirmation or acknowledgement stage – in this case offering vouchers and encouraging them to become fans of the brand on Facebook.

Rapid roll out and anticipated results 

In the first quarter, the campaign exceeded BassBuds’s expectations, with 45% of customers clicking on product share or talking about BassBuds on Facebook. It also prompted a monthly increase in sales of between 5-10% and the anticipated boost in social traffic is between 15-30%.

It was so impressed with the results, that the retailer is now using the platform for campaigns in 11 countries, and is planning to use the campaign for a tailor made pop-up and the promotion of an online mini-game.

Steven Beckford, BassBuds managing director, commented: "I never thought that social campaigns could make this much difference to our conversions. Our social traffic has increased significantly and we've had repeat purchases from our customers. Owned it’s technical support team are always happy to help and are very quick to respond to any queries or issues."

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