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Retail Technology

Market Analysis

A recipe for mobile success

Published 16.04.12 by Retail Technology
As mobile commerce grows in popularity, mobile advertising expert Dr KF Lai shares his knowledge and findings to help retailers succeed with m-commerce

Boosting website conversion

Published 11.04.12 by Retail Technology
Kevin Sparks, multichannel retail software expert, shares his five ‘top tips’ for increasing conversion rates and sales online   Shopping online has become part of our everyday lives. But as online use increases, Kevin Sparks, senior account manager at multichannel product search technology provider PrismaStar, said consumer expectations increase even faster – as does the amount of competition fighting for that consumer business.  

George’s marvellous medicine: Increase trade in foreign markets

Published 04.04.12 by Retail Technology
During this year’s Budget, George Osborne was keen to emphasise that UK companies need to export more to the world’s growth economies. But age and identity verification specialist, Conor Murphy points out that there are a number of challenges that retailers in particular must surmount

Taxman targeting eBay sellers

Published 23.03.12 by Retail Technology
The UK tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), is using new technology to target eBay and other e-marketplaces as part of a crackdown on businesses with missing tax returns   The biggest online marketplace, eBay, provides retailers with a number of online tools to help sell and ship items to their customers. However, there is no support for tax and VAT reports.  

Developing a hybrid cloud model

Published 15.03.12 by Retail Technology
Retail technology strategist Andy Taylor explains why no one cloud computing model will ever offer the perfect balance of security and cost for all of a retailer’s data – but how a hybrid model will

Reducing basket abandonment

Published 12.03.12 by Retail Technology
Today’s internet consumers have got wise to finding the best deals. With less money to spend, they have become more search savvy to find what they want at a price they are happy to pay. But marketing expert Chris Gabriel says there is a lot retailers can do to improve online conversion rates

Turning compliance into business advantage

Published 06.03.12 by Retail Technology
E-commerce billing expert Gene Hoffman discusses how new EU data protection directive will fuel success for digital retailers

Taking the High Street online and social

Published 29.02.12 by Retail Technology
Social commerce expert Anton Gething discusses the impact of online retailing in the fortunes of the offline world that is the UK High Street

Cash to cashless: the future of instore technology?

Published 23.02.12 by Retail Technology
Contactless payment has been listed as the future of in-store technology. Richard Olds, who heads up a retail IT services provider, discusses the challenges that still need to be overcome to ensure acceptance of the initiative

Cookie-less tracking in retail

Published 14.02.12 by Retail Technology
Digital marketing expert Jonathan Erwin discusses which way will the cookie crumble come May 2012

The online mystery shopper comes of age

Published 05.02.12 by Retail Technology
Deri Jones, web monitoring and performance expert argues that retailers should do what the customer does, not what is easy to measure

Performance marketing sets online fashion trend

Published 01.02.12 by Retail Technology
Affiliate network highlights a growing number of retailers integrating online trading and marketing

UK leads in smart(phone) shopping adoption

Published 24.01.12 by Retail Technology
Retail technology business consultant, Steven Skinner, discusses the findings of a global study of consumer purchasing habits, which has revealed that UK consumers are tech-savvy when it comes to shopping and are not interested in coupons for purchasing items compared with other global regions

Understanding your shoppers

Published 13.01.12 by Retail Technology
Online marketing expert Mike Quinn makes a case for why retailers need to use customer data to drive conversion

Online and social media: 2012 retail saviours

Published 13.01.12 by Retail Technology
Last year we saw the start of a High Street upheaval based on the digital revolution. We’re all becoming socially connected shoppers who use our mobile devices to find products, use reviews and ratings, and find the lowest prices of goods and services. However retail technology expert, Ian Pratley, argues that the way we shop will be transformed even further over the next couple of years

Placing the customer at the heart of revenue management

Published 13.01.12 by Retail Technology
Hoteliers handle thousands of guests on a weekly basis. But Jrme Destors, revenue management considers the experience from one hypothetical guests point of view, one situation, and one emerging future trend

Making mobile technology pay

Published 12.01.12 by Retail Technology
Adoption of mobile or so-called ‘m-commerce’ is growing in strength. While analysts predict revenues from this channel will grow rapidly, payments expert Keith Brown argues that NFC is only the tip of the m-commerce iceberg

Consumerisation: raising the retail bar

Published 09.01.12 by Retail Technology
Powerful computer systems were once the reserve of large air-conditioned, false-floored palaces. But the rise of the smartphone has turned this on its head, and now the most powerful tools are carried in a person’s hands, where retailers must be able to keep up according to retail IT expert, Paul Broome

Coping with the post-Christmas returns rush

Published 03.01.12 by Retail Technology
The seasonal boom in online shopping brings with it the inevitable customer service returns rush in January. As communications expert Neil Hammerton explains, now is the time to make sure the telephone customer experience is spot on

What can 2011 teach retailers for next year?

Published 30.12.11 by Retail Technology
We may not yet be into the busiest days of Christmas – the busiest time of the year in retail. But the UK retail sector has a lot resting on 2012 and is in dire need of a boost. Karmesh Vaswani, retail IT consulting head, highlights key trends retailers should consider next year to support commercial success