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Negotiating for growth

Published 25.04.24 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ Ed Betts reveals how retailers can use algorithmic tools to refine the negotiation process and use it as a springboard for pinpoint planning, product innovation, and future profit growth

Embracing marketing mix modelling in the era of cookies deprecation

Published 11.04.24 by Elisa Pogliano, Hen’s Milk Principal Consultant
As the digital marketing landscape undergoes seismic shifts due to privacy updates like iOS 14 and the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, marketing consultant Elisa Pogliano examines why retailers are left grappling with the evolving challenges of attribution and analytics.

Moving from monolith to composable retail IT architectures

Published 26.03.24 by James Hodges, Simply Commerce Director of Client E
James Hodges, Director of Client Engagement for Simply Commerce, shares his top tips to make sure retailers attract, hire and retain the right talent to capitalise on the latest tech trend

Tech strategy must embrace innovation

Published 09.02.24 by John Eustace, Retail Advisor
An open-door policy might help innovation results, argues retail advisor John Eustace

Putting the AI in retail

Published 20.12.23 by Navkinder Sanghera, Salesforce head of UK retail
Navkinder Sanghera, head of UK retail & consumer goods, Salesforce explains how AI will reshape the retail ecperience
#Supply chain

Future Retail View: Supply chain to top NRF agenda

Published 15.12.23 by Miya Knights, Publisher
Retail Technology speaks to Troy Prothero, SymphonyAI Retail CPG Product Management Senior Vice President, to find out what retail supply chain trends to follow at the upcoming tech trade show

Delivering peak communications for peak sales

Published 14.11.23 by Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Scurri
Personalised post-purchase communication can transform a one-time buyer into a loyal customer, explains Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Scurri
#Charity Art Expo

Art event leads the way with promotions

Published 30.10.23 by Retail Technology
The Charity Art Expo shares how retailers can learn about using smart links and social media power to transform the power of their promotions

The reinvention of the retail store window

Published 29.10.23 by Retail Technology
Technology can improve all areas of retail but how can it increase engagement in today’s retail store windows. Joseph Smyth, Owner and Managing Director of AV hire company VAST explains all

Taking a human-centric approach to customer experience

Published 03.10.23 by Retail Technology
With focus driven away from the high street during the COVID-19 pandemic, and economic pressures forcing consumers to reconsider their spending-habits, retailers have found brand loyalty to be steadily decreasing over recent years, writes Nikki Flavell, retail client director for SAS UK & Ireland

The IoT bottom line

Published 10.08.23 by Retail Technology
How can retailers optimise stores with IoT technologies to impact the bottom line? David Morgan, VP Customer Value Propositions at SES-imagotag, explains

A necessary evolution

Published 05.07.23 by Retail Technology
Moving beyond passwords in ecommerce and beyond is a natural profession says Ian Lowe, head of industry solutions, EMEA at Okta

Bringing omnichannel experience to retail consumers

Published 03.07.23 by Retail Technology
For retail businesses, engagement with customers has shifted over the last decade. Where once brick and mortar stores were the main point of contact, online and social media has revolutionised this experience, says Nick Parmar, VP, cloud communications, Tata Communications

Take it back

Published 28.02.23 by Retail Technology
Rob Shaw, SVP Global Sales at Fluent Commerce Explains why making returns easier increases margins

Do you know the true cost of a physical security solution?

Published 02.02.23 by Retail Technology
Graham Swallow, Axis Communications, considers the importance of establishing Total Cost of Ownership to help the retail industry ascertain the true value of its surveillance products


Published 06.10.22 by Retail Technology
Matthew Müller, European Head of Technology at global digital consultancy Appnovation, explains why why composable IT is the secret to agile CX in an age of retail upheaval

The Golden Quarter: Planning for profit with intelligent merchandising

Published 26.09.22 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ UKI general manager, Ed Betts, explains how AI-driven retail management can help retailers navigate the busiest shopping period in a year of unprecedented challenges
#Point of sale

Future Retail View: Activating Omni POS in stores

Published 16.09.22 by Miya Knights, Publisher
Retail Technology speaks to Craig Summers, Manhattan Associates’ UK and Ireland managing director, to find out how point of sale can offer an omnichannel customer experience in physical stores

3DS chargebacks explained

Published 31.08.22 by Retail Technology
Why are merchants still seeing chargebacks with 3D Secure (3DS)? Roman Korobkov from Riskified explains all

The inflation game

Published 21.07.22 by Retail Technology
How can technology help retailers manage the Impact of inflation? Retail Express’ UKI General Manager Ed Betts considers the challenges faced by retailers as the financial situation worsens, and how merchandising software can maintain profit margins.