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Retail Technology

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Rules of engagement

Published 15.07.22 by Retail Technology
Are Brands concentrating enough on their post-purchase experience? If not, they are missing a key avenue for engagement says parcelLab CEO Tobias Buxhoidt

Lost in translation?

Published 11.07.22 by Retail Technology
Justin Custer, CEO at ChatLingual, addresses the issue of dealing with customers with multiple languages online

The automated future of retail and how to secure it

Published 25.05.22 by Retail Technology
Axis Communications’ Graham Swallow looks at the concept of the unmanned store that is gaining in popularity, the impact on the retail industry and how innovative security technology can help

As the squeeze on spending tightens, can AI unlock retail success?

Published 10.05.22 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ CEO, Barry Grange, looks at retail digital transformation, intelligent merchandising and a data-driven approach to profitability with leaner times ahead

Customer and loyalty experts explore 2022 trends

Published 04.05.22 by Retail Technology
Customer loyalty is one of the most rapidly changing areas in customer management, with digital developments having a direct impact on companies and consumers alike

Digital attraction

Published 27.04.22 by Retail Technology
How do you attract more customers using digital transformation technology in retail stores? Validify explains all

What do retailers really want from technology?

Published 18.04.22 by Retail Technology
What do retailers really want? Retail technology that delivers the best customer experience says Red Ant CEO Sarah Friswell

Retail’s Achilles heel

Published 27.03.22 by Retail Technology
There’s been a meteoric rise in bots and automated attacks as cybercriminals exploit APIs to commit fraud. Shreyans Mehta, CTO, at Cequence Security reveals some of the attacks suffered by retailers and how the sector can defend against them.

Solving the skills shortage

Published 24.02.22 by Retail Technology
It’s no secret that retail is suffering from a major skills shortage but can technology play a part in resolving the issue? WorkJam’s Mark Williams says yes

The returns hangover

Published 08.02.22 by Retail Technology
The retail industry faces two major headaches as it moves into a new year: online returns and tackling growing waste. But, by using smart technology retailers can become more sustainable while saving a fortune in 2022, writes OtailO chief executive Ronit Mayer.

What’s next for payment technology?

Published 07.02.22 by Retail Technology
The last two years have shown it’s impossible to predict exactly how, when and where the payments landscape will move. But here’s Peter Moore from It’s Lolly with his take

Shaping the future of retail

Published 14.01.22 by Retail Technology
Retail technology has really come to the fore during the pandemic as companies pivot to survive and thrive. But what will be the key tech trends in 2022? Validify CEO Fergal O’Mullane gives his take.

CX in 2022

Published 06.01.22 by Retail Technology
What will the big customer experience trends be in 2022? AR and personalisation will be at the fore says Paige O’Neill from Sitecore

The retail quickening

Published 21.12.21 by Retail Technology
Colin Neil, MD of Adyen UK, explains the retail ‘quickening’ and the dawn of adaptability

Merry marketplaces

Published 13.12.21 by Retail Technology
Supply chain disruption is sadly inevitable this holiday season but the marketplace model can limit the impact of it says Mirakl’s Luca Cassina

Staying loyal

Published 30.11.21 by Retail Technology
Closing the gap between online and in-store loyalty has become vital in modern retail but how should you go about it? Sverre Thurn-Basberg, head of loyalty and merchant insights, merchant services at Nets Group offers some advice

Email measurement explained

Published 22.11.21 by Retail Technology
Sam Holding, Head of International at SparkPost, looks at how email measurement metrics can yield fascinating and useful insights about your customers

Delivering peak savings

Published 12.11.21 by Retail Technology
Metapack looks at three ways for fast-growing companies to cut cost-to-deliver this peak season

Delivering under pressure

Published 06.10.21 by Retail Technology
In our latest Ask The Expert, Metapack answers the question of how best to safeguard the delivery experience in a peak season mired by shortages

The rise of headless commerce

Published 09.09.21 by Retail Technology
Analysts have been banging the drum for ‘headless commerce’ recently but why has it taken on such added importance? ecommerce expert and Spryker CEO Alexander Graf explains